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Virtual Team Meeting


By now, most working professionals are experiencing Zoom fatigue. But that shouldn’t mean that your organization doesn’t have to find creative team engagement strategies in this ongoing work from home virtual world.

If you are looking for meaningful, creative and memorable online events and experiences that your team will be excited to participate in - even over Zoom - but have exhausted all the regular options, you’re in the right place.


We specialize in coordinating a wide range of out-of-the-box virtual experiences to mark all your important milestones. We take care of developing a unique concept, finding talent (if required), sourcing and mailing out materials and gifts and, we can even make sure that the person leading the event has the right video setup. As far as possible, we align gifts and materials with your values - whether environmental stewardship, equitable sourcing, etc. 

Making sure your team members are engaged and feel appreciated


We take the time to work with your team to design custom experiences that everyone will enjoy. Here are a few examples of employee engagement experiences we can create.

employee engagement experiences.jpg

Learn how to grow your own vegetables all year long

There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own food. If you’ve never set up a vegetable garden before, this may seem a bit intimidating. Learn how to select the best seeds for the season. Discover how easy it is to start seeds indoors whether you plan to plant them in a pot on your balcony or in a raised bed. Get a primer on how to take care of your veggies once in the grown and how and when to harvest them.  

Each person receives their own grow kit including non-GMO heritage seeds, organic potting soil and biodegradable planting pots.

To create a lasting memory, send along a special gift such as:

gardening gloves, gardening apron, healing hands lotion, ceramic planters, etc.

employee engagement experience.jpg

Fireside Chat with a thought leader

Get inspired during an intimate gathering with a local or national thought-leader. From authors, motivational speakers and politicians to sports figures, your team will value some up close and personal time with people who are leaders in their own field.

To create a lasting memory, send along a special gift such as:

copy of the book, alpaca throw, bottle of wine, organic coffee or tea, chocolate gift box, etc. 

Image by redcharlie

Virtual African safari

Experience the sights and sounds of an African safari with our expert guide and wildlife biologist, who will take you and your team on a journey unlike any other. Learn more about the ways in which ecotourism is saving Africa’s iconic species and empowering local communities, while offering holistic adventure to guests. Dive deep into a world of wonder. 

To create a lasting memory, send along a special gift such as:

African tea, eucalyptus candle, African print face masks and clothing, etc.

Sample gift ideas

Our partner, Largesse, offers a wide range of responsibly sourced bespoke gifts that align with your organization's values including executive gifts, gift boxes and brandable promotional items.

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