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What It Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings — even impromptu ones sparked by fears of a contagion — can be run more effectively, using meeting best practices and innovative technology.

10 broad hints and guidelines:

  • Virtual does not mean cheap – today, technology expectations are high. A back-up plan is essential.

  • Build your content outline and objectives and only after that, select the right platform.

  • The platform is key – robust, flexible, reliable. There are over 250 platforms on the market today – we can assist you to make a good decision in line with your budget and your objectives.

  • The challenge: How to present your content in a way that is going to engage your attendees – increasingly more challenging in today’s Zoom-weary world?

  • Time: Plan the hours and length of the program for virtual attendees.

Allow buffers in case of speakers going over or having technical issues.

Timing for an in-person event is so different from virtual participation.

  • International time zones can be challenging, particularly for live sessions.

  • Live sessions involve risk – rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

  • Content in a virtual event will live so much longer than an in-person event. This can be appealing to sponsors too.

  • Opportunities to network: chats, virtual lounges, virtual poster sessions and virtual exhibitions and demonstrations

  • Analytics – a platform that offers good analytics will bring invaluable insights into trends and behavior that you can use for your future events.

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