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How to compete for the attention of a virtual audience.

As event hosts and planners, we all face new challenges.

Virtual offerings need to be compelling enough to draw a remote audience that currently faces too much choice and “Zoom fatigue”, but not so compelling as to remove the incentive to attend in person.

Hybrid events have an added layer of complexity because they must take into consideration how the live and virtual experiences function, both as independent components and as interdependent parts.

We team up with our trusted partners and technical experts in the industry to understand all aspects of your challenges, goals, and budget, and to design and plan your virtual or hybrid event.

We help you maximize the opportunities to offer each participant the flexibility and accessibility offered by virtual participation, the immersive experience that comes with in-person attendance and the possibility for two-way interaction between live attendees and remote participants.

We work with you to consider all the options:

  • Define goals and strategy

  • Reduce and streamline content to fit new formats

  • Prepare speakers for success

  • Understand the capabilities of the virtual eco-system or platform

  • Plan and allow plenty of time for effective, professional pre-recorded content

  • Manage the workload

  • Plan for contingencies – there will always be technical challenges but the more you plan for them, the less the negative impact

What will work best for your audience?

  • Powerful plenary sessions

  • Educational / Scientific tracks / Roundtable or breakout sessions

  • Q & A opportunities for advanced learning

  • Virtual posters

  • Virtual and in person Expo/Exhibition formats

  • Chat forums / Virtual Lounges / Unique networking opportunities

Dynamic marketing and clear communication both before and during the event are key to your success too. We can help you with that.

It’s a brave new world – we invite you to embrace it and make the most of new skills and technologies that bring an exciting new element to meetings and events.

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